Agriculture and farming
  • Long term protection against weather damage while being transported or stored
  • Covers can last up to two years
  • Durability- warranted against sun degradation for 24 months in any climate
  • Maximum UV Inhibitors
  • Venting options available to reduce moisture build-up and rust
  • Durable and consistent thickness

Don’t Only Protect Your Crops, Protect Your Equipment

We offer a complete line of American-made shrink wrap products designed for long-term protection for agricultural equipment during storage or transportation. The wrap shrinks drum-tight and it supplies superior protection over traditional tarps and sheeting.

Shrink wrap is durable, weatherproof protection that creates a proper enclosure for tractors, combines, sprinkler systems, cultivators, rotators, and more. One piece cover can be installed up to 18 m wide installations. Whether putting it away for storage or for transport, shrink wrap prevents damage from weather, accidents and other potential inflictors.

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